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Altius Trading is a Trading Center for Financial Markets (Forex - Stocks - Futures) operating between Montreal and New York. Altius Trading has its own trading school based in Montreal (Orbital Trading). 


Impak Management has developed the website, the complete digital marketing of the company, the hiring of traders ... Following this simple contract, Impak Management has developed an e-commerce platform for the sale of online courses with a secure client area for online payments and configured a complete intranet system, including secure mailboxes with VPN connection only, a physical server with the data base of the company's portfolios and trading accounts ...


Finally Impak Management has developed a tool compatible with the platform Fxpro, installed on Linux, to analyze in real-time financial markets using available tools such as medians or fibonacci. This system also allows according to its configuration, to leave automatically in a split second a trade position if the limit chosen by the user is exceeded.

For confidentiality and security, we can not give more information on this subject.

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