Blockchain Technology

The blockchain is an information storage and transmission technology, transparent, secure and operating without a central control organ.


By extension, a blockchain is a database that contains the history of all the exchanges made between its users since its creation. This comic is secure and distributed: it is shared by its different users, without intermediaries, which allows everyone to check the validity of the channel.


According to the experts, the blockchain makes it possible to transfer values ​​online without going through a third party. A must for crypto currencies. This technology could also be one of the biggest technological revolution since the birth of the internet.

How does this technology work?

The public Blockchain necessarily works with a currency or a token (token) programmable. Bitcoin is an example of a programmable currency.


Transactions between network users are grouped into blocks. Each block is validated by the nodes of the network called the "minors", according to techniques that depend on the type of blockchain. In the bitcoin blockchain this technique is called "Proof-of-Work", proof of work, and consists in solving algorithmic problems.

Once the block is validated, it is time stamped and added to the block chain. The transaction is then visible to the receiver as well as the entire network.

Impak Management and Blockchain

Blockchain technology has demonstrated its potential in several areas: banking, insurance, transportation, agribusiness, energy, luxury, advertising ...

Impak Management accompanies you throughout your project whether for innovation, development, strategies and even at the legal level.

Our services in Blockchain Technology are:
1) Development 

Impak management will develop your project in the blockchain, will make the necessary tests before starting it. We have expertise in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptonote, Hyperledger ...

1) Legality

Lawyers and Consultants specializing in the blockchain working for Impak Management will be there to train you and advise you in everything related to legal issues concerning blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Conferences & Trainings

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