It's impossible to miss out on this digital service, which is essential today to reach your consumer or your target customers, and to achieve such a change of direction, everyone has to go in the same direction. And our best way to do this is to communicate your product or services online to your customers via our web tools.

The tools and web platforms offered by Impak management

Website Creation: If your business (small, medium or large) is 100% offline. We create an online store or blog to increase brand awareness.

Business Social Networking: Creating pages and ads on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn for reach a larger audience at an affordable price and announce the launch of new products and services. Share your brand's images on Flickr, Wallspace, Instagram to inspire enthusiasm for your business..


Sharing your promotional videos: Vimeo, youtube, dailymotion to better reach your target audience.


Blogging: Creating Wordpress blogs to form a community of customers who, because of their membership, support your products and services.


Sharing bookmarks on Pinterest, reddit ...

Wikis: Put the history of your business and its services on Wikipedia, Wetpain, Webopedia for increase the credibility of your firm.



Community Management

Do you need to keep in touch with your community? We do it for you. Our managers are there to serve your community of Internet users we make sure guarantee a fast interaction and answer all the requests of your customers


Increased popularity

Thanks to our techniques and our strategies at your disposal we make you a recognized label on all the digital channels of the internet, You will have a reference accessible in a single click. Less than 24 hours after the start of our work, your digital popularity will increase.

Platform updates

Our team of computer scientists and editors ensures the data feed of your Youtube accounts, Facebook pages, Pinterest, Twitter accounts ... Your community will be on the page about your products, your offers & services, your promotions and news.

Advertising Planning

Our marketing experts are at your disposal for the daily full-time management of your most popular social media pages, thanks to the strategies we have put in place to target a potential clientele,

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