Impak Management & Associates are the one for you in everything related to IT Security. Here are some of our services offered.


Implementation of essential solutions for a real defense against computer attacks. We can use tools available on the market or develop your own tools, software ...

Audit & intrusion test (Proof of Concept POC)

Service can be given remotely or on site depending on the request. This Service allows you to analyze security vulnerabilities & vulnerabilities in your computer system. Make Infiltrations in the toughest security systems. POCs are generally used by banks and large companies, but can also be realized on different systems such as a computer network, a server, a web platform ...

This type of service is only available for testing to find fault or guarantee your network security.

Incident Management

You have been hacked? File a legal complaint with tangible proof and have the damage repaired by our services.


A computer security training service is available for your business. A well-trained security team is the key to a good security plan.

Certain conditions apply for this type of service.

Please note that for some services, we may ask for tangible proof recognized under the law of your country.

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