The Just For Laughs Group, meanwhile, has become a true multinational of humor over the years. In addition to the Just for Laughs Festival and the Just for Laughs Festival, the group has several other festivals abroad, comedy tours and television shows. The Group's production and distribution activities are in more than 135 countries and its content is broadcast on aircraft of around 100 airlines. Impak Management is proud to have been working for the Just For Laughs Festival since 2014.


For the Just For Laughs Festival, we were responsible for the development of the online store with several secure payment methods as well as 2 back end systems for efficient management of Festival ticketing.

The first tool was for the regular ticketing of the Just For Laughs Festival. This allowed the conversion of the data imported by a CSV file into a special JSON format and the generation of statistics linked to different events in an Excel file using a different API.

The second tool for the Last Minute Ticketing (BDM) festival. This system that we have developed makes it possible to manage all the scheduling of customer transactions in a timely manner. This made it possible to increase the productivity of the satisfied ticketing team, referred us to the marketing department with which we are currently developing several other major projects.

Our technological intervention on the improvement of the ticketing tools enabled the latter to better track sales and to have complete and detailed reports on the statistics of returns.

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